Our principles and values

Our principles and values ​​are simple.

First and foremost is our clear commitment to the ethics of our profession as provided for by the National Internal Regulations of the profession of lawyer (Règlement Intérieur National de la Profession d’Avocat) (RIN)


Arnaud Parturier

We endeavour to apply our principles and values ​with you on a daily basis, i.e.

Always available:

✔ You can contact us 7 days a week if your case is urgent
✔ We call back on the same day
✔ Get direct access to the lawyer who handles your case

Listening, observing and understanding:

✔ We get to know our clients to find out about their work, their companies, what field they operate in and how they are set up
✔ We study the setting and scope of each case closely (context, other stakeholders, requirements, objectives, constraints, difficulties)
✔ We qualify and define each case to see how we can best implement it (participants, areas of expertise, cost, schedule)

Always ready:

✔ Completing the case within the given deadline
✔ Being reactive
✔ Being mobile, adaptive and able to go anywhere in France and abroad

Demanding only the best:

✔ Maintaining and developing the quality of our services
✔ Recruiting high-quality professionals
✔ Using powerful tools
✔ Staying up to date with the latest developments

The human touch:

✔ Building and maintaining a good relationship based on mutual trust and respect

✔ Establishing and preserving a human relationship through candid exchanges – not all law is self-service online. Our expertise and experience are our added value: when the subject is complex and/or the stakes high, we must share our queries, reflections and proposals with you

✔ Adapting how we work – especially at the start of projects or if things don’t go to plan

✔ Creating an internal working environment which is demanding, but also pleasant and always respectful of our employees and their working conditions as professional fulfilment improves our team’s stability, well-being, the quality of our work and our relationship with you


✔ Informing you of what we specialise in and what we don’t specialise in. We can hire other lawyers with specific expertise for anything we don’t specialise in should you require

✔ Informing you about our working conditions – particularly our fees which are invoiced based on the time we have spent or on a fixed price or a combination of the two

✔ Giving your regular updates about how your case is progressing, any difficulties that have cropped up and what possible impact they may have on our working conditions (deadline and fees in particular)